About Casa Essenziera

Casa Essenziera is an Independent Artistic Perfumery Atelier. To best express the esoteric reach of his perfumes, his creator has decided to remain a ghost nose and to share with the public parts of his story and origins, whilst keeping some aspects untold. He has travelled from Italy all over the world to undertake studies and research on traditional and digital communications, and search for unique olfactory experiences he has been able to depict in his creations. His formal education is grounded on Habermas, Luhmann, and Bentham’s theories, and on studies and research by Lessig, Rifkin, and Castells. Formally, he holds a Master Degree in Communication Studies and a PhD in Internet Policy with a Doctorate in Business Administration. At the end of 2017, he embarked upon a journey to explore the most Ephemeral form of Art and Communications: Perfumery. His journey in artistic perfumery is intimately connected to his Italian routes and he is inspired by the contemporary creations of Christophe Laudamiel, by the technical expertise on aroma molecules of Philip Kraft, and by timeless perfumery masterpieces such as Fougere Royale by Houbigant and Bouquet De La Reine by Floris.

His perfumes are designed in Cape Town, South Africa alongside the Atlantic Ocean. He blends natural essential oils, absolutes, and tinctures locally and internationally sourced, with top quality perfumery materials, in order to create unique and luxury scents with his own hands. His artisanal perfumes are handcrafted according to traditional perfumery-making methods from Grasse in France and smell vastly different from mainstream commercial fragrances. 

The Alchemy of Casa Essenziera will be presented at the Naxos Art Festival in Greece this year, where visitors will be able to discover some of the secrets of Chypre du Sud, one of the Seven Perfumes of his first collection called Terre del Capo. The Collection is inspired by the History of Perfumery and its traditional accords, by the refreshing smell of the Atlantic mist over the Cape Floral Kingdom, by the aromatic smells of the Fynbos (fine-bush in Dutch), as well as by the multicultural community and magnificent beauty of the city located at the Southernmost tip of Africa: Cape Town.