Terre Del Capo Collection

Casa Essenziera is working on a Collection of unique fragrances dedicated to the beauty of the Cape. The Collection is crafted to enrich a set of indigenous #essentialoils from the #capefloralkingdom and the #fynbos.

South Africa carries the title of being home to the Cape Floral Kingdom. Situated at the tip of Africa, this majestic floral region has the highest known concentration of plant species in the world. Its nearest rival, the South American rainforest, has only one third the number of species.

This small belt of natural shrubland or heathland vegetation located in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa is called Fynbos. The fynbos ecoregion is within the Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biome. Fynbos is known for its exceptional degree of biodiversity and endemism, consisting of about 80% (8,500 fynbos) species of the Cape floral kingdom where nearly 6,000 of them are endemic.

The rare and unique local essential oils support the rehabilitation of the exquisite Cape fynbos kingdom. These plants hold an array of indigenous herbal wisdom and healing properties that should be preserved for future generations. By rehabilitating fallow farmland and mono-cropped farmland tracts Fynbos Essential oils provide jobs to local communities and ensures the survival of indigenous healing wisdom as well as the awesome beauty of these fragrant herbaceous plants.

The Fynbos Biome is only found in the Western Cape, South Africa and hold a storehouse of healing and therapeutic properties for you to explore. These plants have been known as traditional remedies for centuries and now you can experience their rare magic in the form of exceptionally nice perfumes handcrafted by Casa Essenziera.