EPHEMERAL – Art Exhibition

Bazeos Tower, Naxos
25 May – 27 September 2019
Open Daily: 10.00–17.00

Opening: Friday, 24 May 2019, at 20:00

“A breath of wind, said the Preacher, a breath of wind; all is a breath of wind.”

Ecclesiastes 1:2 freely translated from the Hebrew text by Alexandros Issaris

The ephemeral is as precious to human existence as the monumental is to memory.

Moments fleeting past, images withering away, sounds that are forgotten, aromas vanishing into thin air, memories fading. Ephemeral are all of life’s constituent parts, waning away in the perpetual motion of the cycle of times.

Time for work and time for rest, Time for creation and time for pleasure.

May is the month of artists at Bazeos Tower, Naxos:

Patrizio Bedon (ΙΤ) – Casa Essenziera (ΙΤ/ΖΑ) – Nikos Lagos (GR) – Anaïs Lelièvre (FR) – Vladimir Skoda (CZ/FR) – Sandor Zelenak (HU/JP).

Guest participation: Alexandros Kaklamanos – Nikolaos Symeonidis & Amalia Kosma (GR).

They come from different parts of the world, they meet up, they coexist, they get inspired by the site’s mystique, they create. In the spirit of wabi-sabi, works of many art forms (visual, auditory, pictorial, olfactory) comprise the ephemera that engage in a summer-long discourse and reckoning with the ancient monument’s age-old nature only to disappear shortly thereafter. They call upon the visitors to change their pace, banish tension, and sense the bliss of moving about, seeing, hearing, observing, being in the here and now. They call on them to dispose of the pessimism of vanity and embrace the joy of life that lies in the unaffected everydayness.

In a period of transition, marked by accelerated volatility and dominated by uncertainty about the future, the concept of carpe diem becomes a priceless value, an inexorable desire to relish the moment.

A carpe momentum for the visitors who enter the tower, its historic and artistic microcosm and its surrounding space, transmuting their aesthetic perception into a life experience.

Curator: Marios Vazaios, Co-Curator: Klaus Pfeiffer
Production: AEON Cultural Nonprofit Organization
Duration: 25 May – 27 September 2019
Open Daily: 10.00–17.00

Bazeos Tower: Situated on the 12th Km of the main road linking the capital city of Naxos (Chora), with the seacoast of Agiassos.

Tel. +30 22850 31402
Ε. aeongr@otenet.gr
www.bazeostower.gr – www.naxosfestival.gr